Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Placemat Flower Vase - ( Eco-Friendly Craft Idea )

bamboo placemat vase + tropical flowers

I am very excited to share my super frugal flower arrangements with you. I love how this Eco-Friendly Craft Idea looks so simple, yet so elegant. Yes Folks, this was made with recycled items like empty water bottles and a bamboo placemat. If you would like to know how I made this Placemat Flower Vase, please continue below for the tutorial. 

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This project is very inexpensive, super easy and fast. Just collect empty water bottles depending on how many vases you would like to have.Then assemble your flower vase as per instructions in the above tutorial. And please, do not forget to add your flowers. You will surely end up with a beautiful flower vase like the photo below. 

This was a cultural event last week that I attended and decorated.  I was asked to do the decorations but the problem was there's wasn't much of a budget allocated for the décor so I came up with this idea - A flower vase out of recycled water bottle + a bamboo placemat. I think it is beautiful and  it coordinated well with the theme. 

There you go.  Another super easy and Eco-friendly craft idea. Please stay tuned for more surprises to come. Yes, I will be finally giving something you can hold and play with. Please SHARE this good news , LIKE and FOLLOW me. 



What a great idea! Love that you used plastic bottles. They look beautiful. I'm looking forward to designing with you for Crafter's Companion.


Hi Denise, thanks for the sweet comments. I am so happy and excited to be working with you and the whole Crafter's Companion Design team.I love your layouts!

Amber Sheaves

very cute!

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