Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Beach Themed Exploding Box Quinceañera Invitations

Are you planning for a fun Beach themed Quinceañera party? Or maybe you're thinking of a tropical getaway vacation to set the tone of your big Quince...? Think outside the box. 

This Beach Themed Exploding Box Quinceañera Invitation with 3-Tier cake as centerpiece - is one of a kind. You're certain to get your guests excited to attend your party after receiving this elegant and stylish Beach Themed invitations.
Beach Themed Box Invitations 
The 3-tier Cake is adorned with lively waves cut outs, some corals and sea shells, Jellyfish floaties  dance around your cake making your sea escape come alive. A custom die cut cake topper shows the personalized touch of the invite.

Beach Themed Quinceañera Unique Invitations

The lid is decorated with glittery ribbon with custom die cut starfish on top. 

If you're looking for a unique way of notifying your guests about your upcoming Quinceañera event...pick this one up. 

JinkysCrafts custom invites will leave a great impression on your invited guests. 

The size of this Exploding Box Invitation is 3.5 x 3.5 inches cube. It can also be used as a Recordatorios or Gift Box Favor. These can also be used as Quinceañera Invites, Bat Mitzvah or as Bridal Shower  or Wedding Invitation.

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