Friday, August 31, 2012

Halloween Decor - DIY Ribbon Flower Wreath

Hello and happy Friday everyone! Aren't you glad it 's TGIF?!. I am prepping for our trip tonight.  We are going to one of the Caribbean Island here in Panama. It is our 6th year Wedding Anniversary. But, before I leave, I want to share with you a festive project that can inspire you for the weekend. A Halloween Wreath.

This is a very fast and easy project. I really enjoyed making this Halloween Decor Craft. It is a little bit dressy, fun and it makes a cute halloween decor.

Here's the quick how to:

  • wrap 12″ foam wreath in Halloween wide ribbon by MayArts
  • make 3 different kinds of flowers using fabric, ribbon and paper
  • wrap candles with Halloween ribbon and another contrasting  color ribbon

For my fabric  flowers: I used the gathering technique and Frilly flower technique.

Lastly, I just wanna share the place we are heading to celebrate our wedding anniversary! I am so excited to play in the water under the sun with my wonderful husband of 6 years. Happy weekend everyone and please help me pray for good weather! 

Thanks a lot for stopping by and hope I inspired you today!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Halloween Party Gift Favor

Hello everyone! When I went to the craft store a couple of days ago, I noticed they are now preparing the store for a Halloween theme. They are busily working, decking the halls with haunted delights. But, Halloween decorations can be expensive, so today, I am sharing an inexpensive way for you to spruce your party decor using a DIY Handmade Fabric Flower.

Even a simple Halloween Party embellishment  can create the mood for a really scary party. This handmade Fabric Frilly Flower is very easy to make. If  you are planning a Quinceanera, Sweet 16 or even Wedding Halloween party theme, this DIY Fabric Flower is an easy and practical way to add on to your gift favors to get you in your theme. This Fabric Flower can be a multi-purpose embellishment. You can use it as hair accessory, head band or even a brooch.

Whether you want a really spooky Halloween Party theme or any kind of themed party - consider adding inexpensive embellishments like this DIY Fabric Flower. Just change the color of your fabric and ribbon and you will be able to create a different mood. 

Please stay tuned as I am planning to transform or re-use this idea in another Halloween decor idea.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

DIY Ribbon Organizer

Hello everyone! I'll bet those of you who are into Crafting have rolls and rolls of ribbons. Organizing ribbons can be of a challenge. I tried store bought ribbon organizer, but I am not satisfied because some of them are not efficient.  Not to mention super expensive.

Here's  a DIY ribbon organizer I made using a corrugated box. This is super easy to make. I covered it with fabric paper and wala! I got myself a very in-expensive ribbon organizer.

I like to see my ribbons, so when I'm designing, it's easy to know whether I have coordinating ribbons or not. It's important to think about that when buying or DIY'ing a ribbon organizer. 

I will try to share the "How To" or "Template" of my DIY Corrugated Box Ribbon Organizer next time. 

Here are some DIY ribbon organizers I found on Pinterest. You can check my Pinterest Board for more DIY inspiration projects. 

Studio Ribbon Storage

Martha Stewart

 DIY Wrapping Paper & Ribbon Organizer

Friday, August 10, 2012


Hello everyone. I would like to thank those of you who took the time to email me saying that they missed me.  And that I inspired you with my creations. As much as I love to share crafting tips, projects and tutorials on my blog, sometimes there just isn't enough time. I have orders for Custom Exploding Box Invitations I need to fill. So, I do hope you understand my long absence in the blogosphere. 

Today, I would like to share tips on how to make your gift boxes, place cards or escort cards more presentable. It's a little detail, that will let your recipients know that you really put an effort into the gifts or party decorations. 

The first flower is the Begonia flower. If you have a die cut or electronic cutting machine, this is very easy to make. Just download the file and assemble the flower. You can ink the edges or distress it, it is up to you. You can find my old 3D Paper Flower Tutorial here

These paper Begonia Flowers are a great addition to your DIY Wedding Favor Boxes, Quinceanera Gift Favor or Recordatorios, or simply use it to adorn your Place Cards or Escort Cards. 

The second Flower is a Rolled Paper Rosette. I LOVE love this paper rosettes! This 3D flower makes those ordinary escort cards extra ordinary. I think this is great for those Sweet 16th Escort cards or Quinceanera place cards/escort cards

You can check my previous Valentine project where I linked the tutorial on how to make paper rosettes here.

Thank you very much for stopping by today. I will continue to come up with new ideas on how to embellish your projects. Also, I am working on the 3rd Edition of my Christmas E-book, I would love to know what you would like me to include this time. Please feel free to leave me a comment and I promise to keep your input in mind for the Christmas E-book.