Thursday, August 16, 2012

DIY Ribbon Organizer

Hello everyone! I'll bet those of you who are into Crafting have rolls and rolls of ribbons. Organizing ribbons can be of a challenge. I tried store bought ribbon organizer, but I am not satisfied because some of them are not efficient.  Not to mention super expensive.

Here's  a DIY ribbon organizer I made using a corrugated box. This is super easy to make. I covered it with fabric paper and wala! I got myself a very in-expensive ribbon organizer.

I like to see my ribbons, so when I'm designing, it's easy to know whether I have coordinating ribbons or not. It's important to think about that when buying or DIY'ing a ribbon organizer. 

I will try to share the "How To" or "Template" of my DIY Corrugated Box Ribbon Organizer next time. 

Here are some DIY ribbon organizers I found on Pinterest. You can check my Pinterest Board for more DIY inspiration projects. 

Studio Ribbon Storage

Martha Stewart

 DIY Wrapping Paper & Ribbon Organizer


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