Monday, August 27, 2012

Halloween Party Gift Favor

Hello everyone! When I went to the craft store a couple of days ago, I noticed they are now preparing the store for a Halloween theme. They are busily working, decking the halls with haunted delights. But, Halloween decorations can be expensive, so today, I am sharing an inexpensive way for you to spruce your party decor using a DIY Handmade Fabric Flower.

Even a simple Halloween Party embellishment  can create the mood for a really scary party. This handmade Fabric Frilly Flower is very easy to make. If  you are planning a Quinceanera, Sweet 16 or even Wedding Halloween party theme, this DIY Fabric Flower is an easy and practical way to add on to your gift favors to get you in your theme. This Fabric Flower can be a multi-purpose embellishment. You can use it as hair accessory, head band or even a brooch.

Whether you want a really spooky Halloween Party theme or any kind of themed party - consider adding inexpensive embellishments like this DIY Fabric Flower. Just change the color of your fabric and ribbon and you will be able to create a different mood. 

Please stay tuned as I am planning to transform or re-use this idea in another Halloween decor idea.


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