Friday, August 19, 2011

18th Birthday Philippines Tradition

In the Philippines where I grew up, 18th Birthdays are a cultural tradition for girls to celebrate their debut. It is a coming-of-age that is somewhat similar to the Quinceañera celebration of the Latin American girls. The only difference between Quinceañera and Philippine Debut is the age, like in the Phillippines, we celebrate it when woman turns 18 years old, while Quinceañera takes place on the 15th birthday of a Latin girl. 
18th Birthday Exploding Box Invitation

Philippine Debutantes throw a large party with a completely hand-picked debut court of 18 pairs of people. 9 males and 9 females.The celebrant wears an extravagant ball gown while the celebrant's court usually wears a formal and uniform outfit chosen by the Debutante (celebrant). This is like a wedding party without the groom. 
Some of the traditional performances during the party are : 
  • Grand Cotilion
  • 18 Roses Dance
  • Father & Daughter Dance
  • 18 candles

18th Birthday Exploding Box Invitation with 3-Tier Cake

Invitation Wordings 
RSVP Panel of the Exploding Box Invitation

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