Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ruffled Crepe Paper Flower Tutorial

"Spring has Sprung" finally in the Blogosphere even though some parts of the world are still freezing. I have seen many Spring themes on blog postings for the past 2 days so I decided to blog about flowers too. I don't have a garden so I thought of making flowers with -- what else...PAPER !

These flowers hanging into my wall are made of Crepe Papers. It is pretty easy to make and a tutorial on how to make Ruffled Crepe Paper Flowers is provided below. I just made a bunch and tied them using fish line to hang them onto my wall. Voila! A cheap and easy project this Spring season. 

Click Image to Enlarge

I saw this online,  I honestly do not know who to credit. 

Here's another idea how to use Ruffled Crepe Paper. 

Please come back soon for more Spring Paper Flower Tutorials . 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Handmade Fabric Flowers Slipper Clips

I got this idea for Handmade Fabric Flowers Slipper Clips in some Bridal Magazines. The magazines actually featured Bridal Shoe Clip Accessories for Wedding Shoes. I just thought it will be neat idea for house slippers too.  

From Martha Stewart Wedding

The Pink Flower was actually made out of felt. Since this is a clip on accessory, I can always change the color or style of flower I would like to use. I think that's neat!

I will be posting the tutorial on how to make this Felt Flower soon. It so happened that I could not find the file of the step-by step instructions I prepared before. So, you have to come back and check out the Felt Flower tutorial. Meantime, you can check some of my Fabric Flower tutorials here

House Slipper without the Clip On Fabric Flowers

Looking at a plain house slipper is so simple and boring. But having the Fabric Flowers clips on it makes this ordinary slipper extra ordinary.

These Fabric Flowers are made out of a Yo-Yo. Please find my free tutorial on how to make this Yo-Yo flower below. 

Basic Yo-Yo Fabric Flower Instructions

click image to enlarge

Now that you know how to make a simple Fabric Flowers. Go Yo-Yo and have fun!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Exploding Box and Card

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

I have been meaning to post this project since this morning but our power keeps going out. I just hope everyone enjoyed following my 14 Days of Handmade Valentine Crafts.Thank you very much for supporting my blog.  Today, is our last day and we have to look forward for Easter and Spring projects again. 

Finally,  Day 14 project of the 14 Days of Handmade Valentine Crafts is here. It is a Valentine Exploding Box. I have written a step-by-step tutorial for this Exploding box  on my older postings and I also have received lots of good comments and custom orders. I don't know about you, but I love this box because when you open it, it explodes like a magic box!

My Valentine Exploding Box was decorated with floating hearts + butterflies + flowers and the 3 tier cake is the focal point. All the 4 panels was also decorated with some sentiments cutout from my Cricut Holiday Cake Cartridge

Below photo is my Exploding Invitation Box

Here's my Day 13 of the 14 Days of Handmade Valentine Crafts

Valentine Greeting Card Rosettes

I saw this beautiful card on Etsy and even ordered it for my brother so he could give it to his wife today- Valentines Day! I was disappointed to learn that it had not arrived yet. All I know is that it has been 2 weeks since I placed the order.  And I was told it would be shipped the same day. I don't know where it is at this point. I am in Latin America right now, and I thought that buying someone else's work from a fellow Crafter in North America would be faster to get to my brother in Canada.  I was wrong! 

So, I decided to replicate her card. The only change I made was the flower. I had rosettes and she had different quilled flowers. Oh, I just wish I could just hand this over to my brother now. 

Well, this Valentine Card is very simple to make. I used my Accent Essentials Cricut Cartridge in making the hearts and Holiday Cake Cricut Cartridge for the swirled flowers. The flower rosettes is not new to you, I already post a tutorial on my previous blog, check it here

Hope everyone is enjoying their Valentine's celebrations and hope you enjoyed looking into my Valentine projects too!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine Pillow Gift Box

You might be wondering what's on my platter.  Obviously, these are not sushi. These are Valentine Pillow Gift Boxes - my Day 12 of my 14 Days of Handmade Valentine Crafts . I decorated them in 3 different ways. Aren't they gorgeous? 

Pink & Brown combo Pillow Box w/ Butterfly

I just Googled for the template of these cute Pillow Boxes. I used the smaller version. These boxes measures 2½" x 3½". 

Pink & Green combo Pillow Box w/ Paper Flower Rosettes 

Fun and charming Pillow Gift Boxes will make statement for any themed party. These are great Wedding or  Bridal Shower gift favors. 

Pink & Green combo Pillow Box w/ little Butterflies

Adorn your Pillow Gift Box with cute sentiments, ribbons, paper flowers or even your own monogram.

Make sure to check the other projects of 14 Days of Handmade Valentine Crafts and SHARE it with your crafty friends! 

Valentine Treat Box & Card

Today, I did a Valentine Crafts marathon because I am a little bit behind for my 14 days of Handmade Valentine Crafts. 
Ok folks, let's just do this quick so we can move on to the next one. This is my 2nd post today - my Day 11 of the  14 Days of Handmade Valentine Crafts. This Valentine Treat Box & Card is from my 12 Days of Handmade Christmas Crafts E-book. The separate step-by-step instructions of this Treat Box & Card is now available for purchase by itself. Click here for the PDF tutorial. 

Loves Me Loves me not- greeting card insert

Isn't this adorable? It is a Treat Box and a Greeting Card insert in one. Like what you see on the above photo, there is a box of  Turin Kahlua Chocolates and a Valentine Card insert. What a nice combo, Eh?  Anyone would love to receive this kind of Valentine treat. And not to mention it is Handmade..again may I remind you that if it is Handmade it is HEARTMADE! 

I love how the color compliments each other. And did I mention that I am loving my Cricut machine. I used it a lot lately in making my embellishments. This heart is from the Wall Decor and More Cricut Cartridge

This paper flower rosette is a combination of 2 colors. Check out my old post Framed Heart Paper Rossettes for the tutorial of this paper flower. 

This Christmas Treat Box and Card was done using the Treat Box& Card PDF tutorial.

Make sure to check the other projects of 14 Days of Handmade Valentine Crafts and SHARE it with your crafty friends! 

Crepe Paper Heart Wreath Tutorial

Two more days till Valentines Day and I am still not caught up with my 14 Days of Handmade Valentine Crafts. I will be posting 3 separate projects today so you will still have time to make it before Valentine's Day. 

Day 10 is a Crepe Paper Heart Wreath project. This is very fast and easy to do. You just need 3 materials in this project. A heart shape styrofoam + crepe paper + glue. That's all! Just follow the step-by-step photo instructions below and you will be able to adorn your house with this beautiful handmade crepe paper craft. 

You can also use felt paper or fabric on this same project. If you do not have a puncher, just print a template for a circle scallop or just a plain circle.  Trace it and cut it. There are circle templates available online that you can easily print. Otherwise, you can get a glass or cup and trace a circle into your paper. 

You can hang this Crepe Paper Heart Wreath on your door and you will be able to feel the spirit of  Valentine's  Day right away. 

Make sure to check the other projects of 14 Days of Handmade Valentine Crafts and SHARE it with your crafty friends! 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Chocolate Tower Gift Box

This Valentine Chocolate Tower Gift Box is from my 12 Days of Christmas Handmade Crafts E-book. Due to some requests, I have made a separate tutorial for this Chocolate Tower Gift Box. No need to buy the whole E-book anymore. If you want the step-by-step instructions and templates of  this cute Valentine Chocolate Tower Gift Box - good news is, you can 

It took me 2 days (not straight) to think of a way to re-use this template for something other than chocolate packaging. I spent more time decorating this Tower Box, but I was happy when I finally stopped and said... That's it, I am DONE! Folks, I present to you the Day 9 of the  14 Days of Handmade Valentine Crafts.

I like how it all came together. The pathway/red carpet + fences + flowers + stairs leads to the gazebo which  serves as the focal point of this cute gift box. All of these are Cricut cutouts from the Freshly Picked Cricut Cartridge.  There's a lot of variation you can use in this gift box template. You can put some jewelry or candles inside. The possibilities are endless and it is very versatile, you can use on any theme party or occasion you may have. 

Click to enlarge view

The above photo are shots of  the different angle/sides of the box. The blossom, flower and the heart are from  Cricut Tie the Knot cartridge.  

The box topper is a handmade flower using crepe paper. I love the pink + green + brown color combination.
There is still time to get crafty this Valentines Day. Get your templates and tutorial.

This is the Chocolate Tower Gift Box I made last Christmas. Valentines is time for  giving lots of chocolates because they signify romance. Be romantic and make your own handmade Valentine Chocolate Tower Gift Box. Check the tutorial and templates here

Make sure to check the other projects of 14 Days of Handmade Valentine Crafts and SHARE it with your crafty friends! 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Paper Flower Napkin Rings For Valentine

There are times when I get overwhelmed with things.  And yesterday was one of those days.  Guess what I do when things get overwhelming? I watch TV and not do anything ...I do NOTHING! Lol! 

But, I have earlier commitment to my followers that I will be posting 14 Days of Handmade Valentine Crafts. Today is our Day 8 of the 14 Days of Valentine, I decided to just keep it simple but yet useful and elegant. I made a napkin ring out of Paper Flower. The below photo is the materials for this Valentine Napkin Ring project. 

I wrapped my napkin ring with satin ribbon and made the flowers and leaves from Cricut cutouts using  Accent Essentials and Plantin Schoolbook Cricut Cartridge

For my Red Table Napkin, I used the black flower and gold leaves. 

I made a Red Paper Flower Rosette for my White Table Napkin. A tutorial of how to make this flower was linked on my previous postings of the Heart Framed Paper Flower Rosettes

I really like this  Red Paper Flower Rosette better. I think it is very romantic and elegant. 

The Paper Flower Napkin ring without the table napkin. 

Now, you do not need to buy a napkin ring anymore. Just make a bunch depending on what theme or occasion you may  think you need in the future. Enjoy! 

Make sure to check the other projects of 14 Days of Handmade Valentine Crafts and SHARE it with your crafty friends!