Monday, February 21, 2011

Handmade Fabric Flowers Slipper Clips

I got this idea for Handmade Fabric Flowers Slipper Clips in some Bridal Magazines. The magazines actually featured Bridal Shoe Clip Accessories for Wedding Shoes. I just thought it will be neat idea for house slippers too.  

From Martha Stewart Wedding

The Pink Flower was actually made out of felt. Since this is a clip on accessory, I can always change the color or style of flower I would like to use. I think that's neat!

I will be posting the tutorial on how to make this Felt Flower soon. It so happened that I could not find the file of the step-by step instructions I prepared before. So, you have to come back and check out the Felt Flower tutorial. Meantime, you can check some of my Fabric Flower tutorials here

House Slipper without the Clip On Fabric Flowers

Looking at a plain house slipper is so simple and boring. But having the Fabric Flowers clips on it makes this ordinary slipper extra ordinary.

These Fabric Flowers are made out of a Yo-Yo. Please find my free tutorial on how to make this Yo-Yo flower below. 

Basic Yo-Yo Fabric Flower Instructions

click image to enlarge

Now that you know how to make a simple Fabric Flowers. Go Yo-Yo and have fun!



Nice combination of fabric flowers and slippers' colors. They perfectly complement each other.

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