Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fabric Flowers Collection - In Progress...

Here's a sneak peek of the  Fabric + Paper + Ribbon Flowers E-book I am currently working on. I am trying to release the E-book by the end of this month. Everywhere I looked today, I saw fabric flowers! I see them on ladies accessories like brooches, necklaces, fascinators or corsages.  Also, fabric flowers are popular for special occasions and events. Beautiful fabric flowers are usually used on wedding decorations, wedding flowers, bridesmaids bouquets, gifts and even on boutonnieres!

For Ladies Bloom today with fabric flowers brooch, necklace, fascinator or corsage. Flower accessories always were and will be i

 I have seen fabric flowers on Wedding Gowns and on just about every other fashion these days. When I look at them I try to understand or dissect them  to figure out how they are  being made.  And then I try to replicate. Often, I buy fabric flower accessories not because I wanna use them. I usually tear them into pieces, study them and try to make it into my own version. At least it is not an electronics gadget I am breaking into pieces. I am so done from that, from my college days.  lol ! 

I think these Fabric Flowers are gorgeous! They might look easy to some or intimidating to others. But we can all agree that flowers brings cheers to everyone. Whether it is real flowers, or paper flowers, or fabric flowers or ribbon flowers! To me, they all look beautiful! 

Please stay tuned for the release of the E-book. It will be your ultimate resource on flower crafting. 


Tammy Schmitt

Pretty! I'm a new follower sent by Momo:-)


They are lovely. I can't wait until the release of your e-book.

Sandy O

WOW, these are wonderful!!! I found you through Momo and am sooooo glad I did.


I came from Momo and love these flowers! They are beautiful! So glad I'm following you now!


These flowers are awesome!

Your newest follower,

btw I was sent by MOMO..

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