Thursday, June 24, 2010

Altered Clipboard Tutorial

My husband assigned me a task which is distributing articles for his SEO For Less business. For the past few days, I got annoyed with copy paper in front of my computer so I decided to go and buy an ordinary clipboard. Well, if you are crafty, you refuse to use stuff that does not meet your artistic standards. So, I made an Altered Clipboard.

If you are wondering how I made it, it is pretty easy. Just cover your boring clipboard with designer paper, seal it, embellish it and you are DONE!

Easy, huh?  Okay, here's the low down. First, you design your layout. What is the final look of your clipboard you want to achieve. Draw your layout, then proceed and cut your papers based on the measurement of your clipboard. What I did is, I prepped the clipboard first by painting the edges with acrylic paint. Then you can cover your clipboard with Mod Podge and start attaching your papers on to the clipboard. I finished it up with another coat of Mod Podge so you can have the shiny look effect and at the same time it will protect your paper because it will act as your sealer.

Altered Clipboard Tutorial

Materials/ Supplies
Acrylic paint
Designer Paper
Mod Podge
Paint brush 

Step-By-Step Instructions:

1. Paint the edges of your clipboard using acrylic paint. Let it dry.

2. Apply Mod Podge all over your clipboard. This serves as your adhesive for the designer paper. 

3. Cover your clipboard with designer paper.

4. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge on your clipboard. Let it dry. 

5. Add ribbons as an accent and finish your clipboard with some embellishments. 

6. I used some 3D flowers from Prima Flowers and Cricut Cut outs. I used my Cricut Expression in making the "notes" chipboard text and "J" monogram. I used color markers to color it  and applied embossing liquid for a more polish look. 

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