Monday, November 5, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Crafts Tutorial E-Book- 3rd Edition

Are You Ready to Become the Talk of All Your Friends with the Most Unique Set of Gifts They have Ever Seen?

12 Days of Christmas Handmade Crafts Tutorial E-Book (3rd Edition ) is now available!

Finally, the wait is over my friends! The 12 Days of Handmade Christmas Crafts Tutorial E-Book (3rd Edition) + 2 surprise bonuses is here!  Thank you so much for your enthusiasm during the preview days! I enjoyed making these holiday crafts  and I can not wait for you to have the instructions and start making them yourselves. I would love to see all your creations and I will be happy to post them in my site.

I know I only previewed 6 projects, but I decided to concentrate on finishing the E-Book so it would be released on time. My schedule has been so very busy these days.  But I could not let you down by not releasing some inspiration and guidance for your Handmade Christmas Crafts this year. 

So now, I present to you the complete 12 projects of the 2012 Christmas Craft E-Book.

Day 1 - Pocket Gift Box

Day 2 - Christmas Candy Treat Box

Day 3 - Christmas Explosion Box In a box

Day 4 - DIY  Felt Goody Bag

Day 5 - DIY Cone Christmas Tree with Fabric Flowers

Day 6 - File Folder Organizer with Drawer

Day 7 - Christmas Tote Bag


Day 8 - Christmas Felt Rosette Wreath

Day 9- Surprise Box Christmas Ornament

Day 10 - Christmas Window Bag

Day 11 - Christmas Treat in a Can 

Day 12 - Dangling Ornament Magic Box

Like previous years, the complete instructions + dimensions + the step-by-step photo tutorials of all these projects are available in the 12 Days of Christmas Crafts E-Book -3rd Edition

And just like last year, the 3rd Edition E-Book price will be $16.95, That's less than $1.42/tutorial! That's 70% off the price of the cheapest tutorial we sell if it is purchased separately.  And that doesn't even include the 2 bonus tutorials.

For those of who have not had purchased my 12 Days of Christmas E-Book (1st Edition and 2nd Edition), it is still available on my shop.



Just got it. Thanks a million. Can't wait to get started.

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