Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DIY Christmas Decors - Day 5 & 6 Preview

Welcome to the Jinky's Crafts 12 Days of Christmas 
3rd Edition (2012 Edition)

Hello fellow Crafters! Do you want to have unique DIY Christmas decor this year? Our Day 5 & 6 showcase 2 different Christmas decoration projects that you can make.

For the Day 5 project, you can create a DIY CONE CHRISTMAS TREE. This Cone shaped styro foam is covered with fabric flowers, and is really simple for you to make once you know how. I really love the final product, it is very unique and beautiful. I always love to incorporate fabric with papercrafts. They complement each other perfectly.

For the Day 6 project, you will learn how to make a FILE FOLDER ORGANIZER W/ DRAWER. You know me, I am known for my Exploding Boxes so I have to include boxes and drawers in my 3rd Edition Christmas Craft E-Book.

The complete instructions + dimensions + the step-by-step photo tutorial of both projects will be available in the 12 Days of Christmas Crafts E-Book -3rd EditionAnd just like last year, the 3rd Edition E-Book price will be $16.95, That's less than $1.42/tutorial! That's 70% off the price of the cheapest tutorial we sell if it is purchased separately.

DIY Cone Christmas Tree - 5th Day of Christmas Preview

For those of who have not had purchased my 12 Days of Christmas E-Book (1st Edition and 2nd Edition), it is still available on my shop.

File Folder Organizer w/ Drawer - 6th Day of Christmas Preview

Thank you very much for stopping by today. Please stay tuned as there's only  6 more projects to go be till the 3rd Edition Christmas Craft E-Book is available. 



The organizer is so beautiful!

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