Friday, March 9, 2012

1st Birthday Exploding Box Album

Happy Weekend Eve everyone! I just want to share this cute 1st Birthday Exploding Box Album I made for my friend's little boy with you. Can you imagine I whipped this up in less than an hour?  Yes Ladies, that's when being Crafty comes handy, when you have a last minute gift giving need, you can just create in just minutes! Lol! 

I think most of us like to receive personalized gifts. This gift is 100% handmade… and you know what they say… “if it is handmade it is "Heart Made"”. Lol!

This Birthday Exploding Box Album is a lovely 3D papercraft that has 3 layers and 16 panels (inside and out)  that the Mom can decorate with special photos of her son in an unusual way.  There are all different types of adornments you can add, like stars, balloons, candles and more.

This Birthday Exploding Box has been called many things.  But all of them are good.  Some call it a Magic Box, a Surprise Box or a Explosion Box. No matter what you call it, this box is very unique because once you lift the lid it explodes and reveals multiple layers that can be decorated however you want. There is also a plenty of room in the middle, so it can be a space for a surprise gift. And for those who regularly follow my blog, you know that I love to decorate the middle area with a 3-Tier cake surrounded with floaties, just like my Exploding Box Invitations Designs

1st Birthday Exploding Box Album

What Mother out there is not going to love this extra-ordinary gift for their bundle of joy?

That's it my friends, Thanks for stopping by and hope I inspired you with my Birthday Exploding Box today! If you LIKE it, SHARE it, PIN it or Email it!  


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