Friday, March 23, 2012

How To Make DIY Spring Ribbon Topiary

Hello everyone!  I am excited to share with you today my Spring inspired Ribbon Topiary project. 

I really had fun doing this project. It is very simple to make yet very satisfying. The beautiful colored MayArts  organza ribbons  blended perfectly together. This can be a great gift,centerpiece or homedecor just in time for spring season. You can also use the same idea or technique on your next party event/occasion.  

How To Make A DIY Spring Ribbon Topiary

Material/Supplies Used: 
  • foam ball 
  • May Arts Ribbons (349-47, 349-46, 349-22, 349-27, 349-28, 363-10
  • Wine Cork  ( you can use Wooden Dowel )
  • hot glue  ( you can use straight pins )
  • newspapers to secure my Wine Cork Dowel

  • Cut your organza ribbons into 4" to 5" strips.
  • Hot glue loops/curled ribbons into the foam ball until it's completely covered. (You can use safety pins).
  • Make wine cork dowel, just hot glue wine cork together then wrap some Burlap ribbon where the  corks are connected. 
  • Put your floral foam into your topiary base of your choice.
  • Add some old newspapers to support the dowel.
  • And also add more ribbons around the bottom of my Dowel to cover the newspapers. 
  • Decorate. Done!

That's it my friends, Thanks for stopping by and hope I inspire you today! 



So pretty in the sheers, Jinky! This is similar to the one I did for MA last year.

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