Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pinwheel Spring Rosettes Magnet

Hola! Happy Leap Day everyone! Did you know that leap years go back to the days of Caesar, and were invented so that spring would fall at the same time every year?

In celebration of spring, I have a super easy and fast project I would like to share. It's a Pinwheel Spring Paper Rosette Magnet. I love making Paper Rosettes especially in different colors. They are really pretty and incredibly versatile. You can see few of my Paper Rosettes Inspiration Projects in my website.

I love seeing these Paper Rosettes incorporated into almost everything. From Party Event or Wedding Decor, Gift Wrapping and even on Shop Windows on the mall. I just love them! 

This Pinwheel Spring Rosettes Magnet is very easy to make. Check my Jinky'sCrafts website for the Free PinWheel Paper Rosette Tutorial .

I just added some MayArts ribbons at the edges of my strips and added coordinating buttons. I love the finished project. It is colorful and vibrant.. just in time for Spring decorations. 

I then added some magnetic strips at the back of my Paper Rosettes. Ok!  Pinwheel Spring Rosettes Magnet - DONE! 

Ok, I hope this simple project inspires you today. If you want to share your Spring projects or any kind of Paper Crafts or Fabric projects in my blog, you are welcome to do so. Just contact me and I can put you down as my Guest Blogger. 


Lissa (Bellenza)

So practical, with the magnets!

Pink Cricut

So beautiful!! What a fun way to add spring to a kitchen or office space!


Love your rosette magnets!!! What a fun way to brighten up your fridge! I was momentarily distracted by the explosion cake/box on your sidebar ~ gorgeous!!!

Glad I saw you at Pink Cricut!


What a great idea to decorate the fridge.

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