Monday, May 9, 2011

Turquoise Blue and Black Exploding Invitation Box

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had  a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. 

This past weekend, one of my client who bought my Exploding Invitation Box Tutorial asked me if I can help her with the supplies in making Exploding Box. She said, she like the Turquoise Blue and black combination. So, here's the design I created for that color combination - Turquoise Blue and Black Exploding Invitation Box!

I always love Turquoise blue and black. Who doesn't? I think the combination of this 2 colors looks really great. I just finished 2 orders of this Quinceañera Exploding Box invitations. The first one had a Black and Red combination and the last one was Burgundy and Black. They were both beautiful. 

This Invitation Exploding box is a unique way to send out a message of your upcoming party. It is great for Quinceañera, Sweet16, 18th Birthday, Bridal Shower, Wedding, Anniversary or any party occasion. I have a tutorial on how to make this unique party box on my Etsy Shop. The tutorial is not limited for invitation purposes. This Exploding box can also be used as your scrapbook pages, gift box or gift favors.

Who would not love to attend a party after receiving an invitation as detailed as this one?


Oliko I love it <3


Alison Jane Hann

This is gorgeous! Love the colours, too.

Stacy H-W

Awesome box girl!! You are genius!


im going to get this one for my xv :))

Ana M.

Can i order these online? I have my sister's XV coming in seven months and we just fell in love with these. adding that the black and turquoise is her color scheme


Ana M, please email me @ thanks!

Eimy C.

Can I order these online as well? I really love the design and my 15 is coming soon! These box invitations are also similar to the color of my 15 dress (blue). These invitations are really pretty and unique!


hi.. excellent !!
i would like to have a sample..
how much would you charge? i live in India..
Can you send me quotations,say if i need 50 or more,how much would you charge?

Thank You...



I love these invitations for my wedding. do you do samples and how much do they run for if say I need like 65

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