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Kanzashi Heart Wreath - MayArts Final DT Challenge Entry

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Hey Folks, the MayArts DT Challenge ain't over yet. If you remember, my Framed Ribbon Spring Flowers was selected in the initial round of Finalist for the Design Team Call for MayArts. This Kanzashi Heart Wreath is my entry to the last round Challenge. This time there was no theme.  I hope you like my entry and support me by voting for me. Stay tuned for MayArts official post for the FINAL ROUND entries.

I decided to make this Kanzashi Heart Wreath because I love the art of folding. The Kanzashi term- in the English-speaking world, refers to the folded-fabric-petal flower that traditionally adorned the Tsumami Kanzashi (folded hair ornament). These are created by Japanese artisans from tiny squares of silk, usually 1"- 4". It is folded into petals using origami techniques.

 I really like how the twig (wrapped with velvet MayArts ribbon) gives my butterfly a nice place to rest.  I am actually amazed with all the different types of Kanzashi folding and Kanzashi flowers. In Japan, the seasons dictate which kind of hair ornament is worn. It is beautiful! Please scroll down for the  Basic Tutorial for Rounded Kanzashi Petal.

One of the traditional and main supplies used in Kanzashi flower construction is rice glue. I deviated from the traditional way by hand-stitching instead. This flower petal folding requires a lot of patience, but it is worth it.  I love how my Kanzashi flowers and  Kanzashi Falls came together. The summer colours are bright and cheery. This Kanzashi Heart Wreath will be a great home decor item for summer time.  And by using the tutorial provided below you can make hair accesories like a barrette, hair clip, necklace, brooch and many more..You can see some of my Kanzashi projects here.

All the ribbons used on this Challenge project were compliments of MayArts.

Yellow Flower: HA27
Red Flower: HA14
Pink Flower: HA17
Leaves: KK16
Falls Cord: 378-16
Twig: 389-18-46
Wreath Handle- AGG14

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Kanzashi Petal Flower Tutorial

Basic Supplies: 

3" x 3" fabrics (6-10 pieces,any size you want)

Click image  to enlarge .

Framed Ribbon Spring Flowers -  MayArts DT Challenge 1st Round Entry

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you try this technique sometime. Wish me luck and vote for me!  Hope I will win the MayArts DT challenge.


Stacy H-W

Jinky, you should totally win because this is absolutely gorgeous!! I might have to try to make one of those flowers from your tutorial. I'm inspired!!


thanks Stacy! I would love to see when you finished your Kanzashi flower. Have fun folding! LOL!

Helen L

Wow! These are amazing!!! You are a really talented (and patient!) lady!


Thanks once again for sharing your projects. It is really appreciated. Kindest regards


Nothing but gorgeous!!!!!!

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