Thursday, November 4, 2010

12 Days of Handmade Christmas Gifts - Day 5

Are You Ready to Become the Talk of All Your Friends with the Most Unique Set of Gifts They have Ever Seen?

On the 5th  day of Christmas, my true friend gave to me.

A Christmas Cards Galore

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Framed Christmas Card

I like clean and simple. The focal point for this card is the Pine Cone Paper Flower that I framed in the center of the card. I used a designer cardstock for the Pine Cone Flowers.  I will provide the tutorial and template of the Pine Cone Paper Flower on the 12th Day of Christmas so please stay tuned.  

TIPS: You can create fantastic florals by experimenting with other types of paper, such as crepe paper, patterned paper, book pages, maps, napkins, and more. 

Snowflake Christmas Card

I love the color combination of this card. The different shapes and lines completes this card.  I just added ribbon and rhinestones as embellishment. 

Whimsical Snowman Card

The colors, lines and shapes of the designer cardstock used here is very cheerful. This whimsical  holiday card is just pure fun to make and to receive!

With the Christmas tag that had a hand stamped Special Delivery sentiment, this happy snowman sends the best and cheerful holiday greetings.

Striped Christmas Card

The lined and striped patterned papers set the tone for this winter wishes card. I used a peel off sticker to add some shapes on the card. I used coordinating cardstock for the border and I created my own stripe by simply making red lines using a gel pen.

I hand stamped the winter wishes sentiment and also created a 3D Christmas Tree that I cut out, also hand stamped. Then I added some buttons to embellish the card. 
Zipper Star Christmas K- Card

This card is inspired by a new fashion trend these days- The Zipper. You can see them on almost every fashion items like clothes, bags, hair accessories and so many more. Why not take your holiday projects to the trendy level using this inspiration- the ZIPPERS!  

Creating this 3-dimensional Star with the Zipper wrapped around it is a great focal point on this K- Card Christmas Card. All you need to do is add Christmas Sentiments and you will come up with a unique trendy card. 

A tutorial of how to make a K-Card will be available on the 12th day of Christmas. 

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