Monday, July 12, 2010

Mini Tote Purse

Because a girl can never have too many cute bags or purses, the idea of making a Mini Tote Purse is irresistible. It's true that having a cute purse can jazz up an outfit.  That's why when I saw the tutorial of Toni Sacrison's Mini Note Purse I went and grabbed my designer paper and made three. Yes, I really love them and when I show them to friends online they can not believe they are made out of paper. 

Yes, they look fancy but don't get intimidated because it is super easy to make. I myself was amazed to realized that I only used 1 piece of designer paper for this project. Yes, 1 piece of 12 x 12. So, ladies check out your designer paper now and make as much as you want on these cute purses. 

You can put note cards inside and give it as a gift or else, use it a tote purse for your little toys like your BB and Ipod.

Look, I even tried to imitate a Chanel Purse. You can check my Faux Alligator Skin Tutorial for the technique I used for this Chanel inspired purse.

These Mini Tote Purses are great for Bridal Shower give aways or you can even use as goodie bags on your girls birthday party. 

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I like this very much! You are a very creative person. I have the Cricut but I haven't used it much. I just bought the SCAL program to use with it and Penny Duncan has a lot of free designs on her site if you are interested in trying them out.

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