Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Black Friday !

Happy Black Friday everyone! For those of you who observed Thanksgiving Day yesterday, I do hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner last night. Most of us are aware that after the Thanksgiving is followed by Black Friday, it's the start of Holiday Shopping, Yay!  There's a lot of good deals that are so hard to resist. Shop Till You Drop Mantra! Lol! 

Today I have a Black Friday project for you. I decided to start making my handmade gifts for friends yesterday. I chose to make this super easy Kindle Case. This is actually included on my 12 Days of Christmas Crafts Tutorial E-Book. 

This case can be used as Kindle Case, Ipad Case or Case for any Electronic Tablets. This can also be used as your Bible Case.

If you want to know more about the step-by-steps instructions, you can check my 2nd Edition of 12 Days of Christmas. Or you can email me to if you only want this specific tutorial so I can send you an invoice.

I love the combination of this Asian Fabric and Gold MayArts Ribbons. The Gathered Ribbon Flower instructions is also available here.

Gathered Fabric Flower

Thanks a lot for stopping by! Hope that I inspired you today!


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