Monday, October 24, 2011

Santa Pants Treat Box with Drawers - Day 10

Are You Ready to Become the Talk of All Your Friends with the Most Unique Set of Gifts They have Ever Seen?

Hi Folks! I am back from my Women's Retreat this past weekend. I really had fun on that retreat, great food, great location and awesome new girlfriends I met. I am in a great mood today and I have a great project to share, which is included in the 12 Days of Christmas E-Book ( 2nd Edition). I may say this is my favorite. I really had fun making this Santa Pants Treat Box with Drawers so I am sure you will do the same.

Day 9 - Santa Pants Treat Box with Drawers

I know some of you can not wait for the release, and I promise it is coming soon.    I always put a lot of thought into which projects to include and that is taking a lot of time.  But guess what, 2 more projects and you can finally have the complete tutorial for all the 12 projects.

This Santa Pants Treat  Box with Drawers is really great for packaging your holiday treats this season. You have the option to just do the box and not bother with the drawers, but I always want to make ordinary projects extra ordinary so if you notice I always have "2 in 1 or 3 in 1" projects.

 Please stay tuned for the release. Be patient, my friends. 2 more to go!

Thanks a lot for stopping by. Please stay tuned for more Holiday projects to come.



Love it...


Very cute!
Kindest regards,

Stacy H-W

I totally agree that this is my favorite project too. But I already told you that. Ha. Your retreat sounds like it was a blast.

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