Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Christmas Ribbon Headband - Day 8

Are You Ready to Become the Talk of All Your Friends with the Most Unique Set of Gifts They have Ever Seen?

Are you guys excited about the release of my 2nd Edition of 12 Days of Christmas Handmade Crafts yet? We are now on Day 8 so that means there are 4 more projects to go before the release date.

For Day 8, I would like to share with you this super EASY+ FAST+ CHEAP holiday project. It's a Christmas Ribbon Headband. You might not believe me when I say that I spent less than $1 on this headband. Oh yes my dear fellow Crafters. It's that cheap but it is selling around $8-$10 in Etsy or at the retail stores.

Here's the breakdown on the cost.
  • 1 yard ribbon ( wrapped around the headband) - $0.25 cents
  • 1 yard 2-Toned Ribbon Flower - $0.50 cents 
  • feathers - $0.10 cents
  • sticky tape/double sided tape/ fabric glue (I already have these supplies but I only used a little so maybe $0.10 cents worth only)

This Christmas Pyramid Gift Box will be in the Revised "1st Edition of 12 Days of Handmade Christmas Gifts" E-book when it is re-released. I temporarily removed it from my Etsy Store because I needed to make some revisions.

Thanks a lot for stopping by. Please stay tuned for more Holiday projects to come. 



The headband is so pretty and I love the pyramid box, you can see the content.

Great project!


Wow, this head bad looks great. Ideal for little girls...
The pyramid box looks great - it's a pitty, I've got the original book already...
can't wait to see more of your projects.
Btw, I made one of your First Edition boxes, just look on my blog...


Hi Diana, There will be special consideration for those who purchased the 1st Edition 12 Days E-Book so please stay tuned!

btw, your box project is amazing! TFS!

Victoria Mische

You are so very creative on making this Ribbon Headband. My daughter saw this and said she would try to make this on this upcoming christmas season. She will then make this as a gift to her friends. Thanks for giving this idea co'z I found it to be very helpful. - chair covers

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