Monday, October 18, 2010

Icicle Box/ Cone Gift Box

This box has many names. It is called Icicle Box or Carrot Box, other call it Cone Box. Whatever you call it, this versatile little box is perfect for Christmas and any other occasion. It can be use as Wedding Favors or Christmas ornaments

I used this Icicle Box as Christmas Ornaments. It really stands out on the Christmas tree. It can hold candies or other treats and use as festive party favors. 

The Icicle Box is very easy to make, whatever theme you wish, just make sure to score the along the fold lines to give you a clean edge and finished look to the box. You can decorate your box depending on what theme or purpose you may want to use them.

You may find the Icicle Box Template here. If you do not have time to Do-It-Yourself, You can check My Store for ready made ones.


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