Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Easel Card with Drawer Box

As you know, I love 3D projects.The Easel Card with Drawer Box is one of those box projects that you don't wanna missed. When my MIL asked me to make a card for her friend. I simply thought of making her an Easel card. But when she told me that she will be giving her a bobbin  ( they are an avid Quilter ) I upgraded  my plan and decided to make an Easel Card with Drawer box instead.

There are 4 drawers on this box  and on top of it, I mounted the Easel Card. My MIL friend absolutely loved it! She said it is ridiculously CUTE~! 

Now, stay tuned for the tutorial. There will be more gift boxes to come. So please check back often and thanks a lot for stopping by. 


Betty J Schaub

Hey Jinky! Can you e-mail me when this tutorial becomes avaiable. I have a not so computer savvy friend and she is DYING to make one of these!!!

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