Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Gate-Fold Custom Invitations

Hi Guys!   I know, its been a long time since I have blogged.  I miss it!  Sometimes life and business gets in the way, but I know I need to spend more time blogging.  A bunch of my readers have requested a Fun-Fold Card invitation.  Here's a Gate-Fold custom invitation that can be personalized for any event or occasion.

Gate-fold invitations are tri-fold card.  It has 2 side panels and a center panel.  Each of these panels can be customized with images, wordings, maps or anything else you desire.

For example, Quinceñeras can list their court names on one side panel, and the  map or directions on another,  On the center panel, along with a photo of the gorgeous girl being honored, you can add the formal invitation wordings, like I have done in this example.

But you are not limited to this layout.  For weddings, you could include maps, church information, etc. You could even include a charming or romantic poem...

The outside of the invitation can be adorned with embellishments to suit the mood of your event, custom logo's,charms, satin ribbons, bling (crystals, rhinestones, etc). This is a stylist design for DIY Wedding or DIY Quinceañeras. 

With creativity, you can add RSVP holders, seals, vellum and more.

This invitation is designed to engage your guests as the interact by opening the panels and learning more about your upcoming event. It is an invitation anyone would be excited to receive and will have your guests looking forward to your event until the big day.

Hope Fun-Fold card inspires you today. 


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