Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day Tea Party

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there! We only have one Mothers Day per year, but you are appreciated all year round.  Mother's are God's most wonderful gift to the world.

Today, I just wanted to make a quick photo post.  It's for the Mother's Day Teapot project I made using my old Teapot Exploding Box Tutorial.

Tea Party Gift Box

I made this Tea Party inspired Teapot for a friend.  I was going for an "elegant" Victorian look so I adorned it with flowers, butterflies and gold.  You guys are welcome to devour the cake, it is zero calories. LOL!

This design would look great  as well for a Bridal Shower Tea Party Invites or any Tea Party occasion .

Tea Party Exploding Box 

I also made a Ladybug Inspired Teapot Exploding Box Invitation for a Baby Shower Tea Party.  Isn't it cute the way the lady bugs are climbing up the cake? I LOVE them!

Tea Party Box Invitation

I will share  the photos with the invitation wording panels when I am done. I love the graphics we did for the panels too.

Tea Party Baby Shower Unique Box Invitation

Tea Party Invites

This  design can be turn to Tea Party Gift Favors Gift Box. These can also be used as Quinceañera Unique Invitations, Sweet Sixteen Invitations, Bat Mitzvah or as any themed party Invitation.

Please check out Gallery for more ideas, and contact us for any questions regarding a custom order.


Fabiana Strehlow

Tudo maravilhoso!

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