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6 Reasons Your Craft Business Needs a Blog

Hi guys, today we have a special treat.  My husband, Glen Kowalski is our guest blogger today.  He is going to discuss creating a blog for your craft business.  Glen is the lead consultant at BoostYourLeads Inbound Marketing, a small business marketing company that helps small business owners get found online, and turn their readers into customers.  They specialize in content creation, blog writing, social media, video and more.  We have talked for a while about Glen becoming a regular poster here, so let us know what you think.

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Congratulations, you have made the decision to turn your craft hobby into a money maker,  You are selling at craft fairs, you have classified ads and / or you do craft parties.  Maybe you have even taken the online jump with an Etsy page or your own eCommerce site.  But, do you have a blog?

If you aren't blogging for your craft business, you are at best leaving money and opportunities on the table.  At worst, you don't really have a business at all.  In 2012 and beyond, blogging is becoming the cornerstone of a strong inbound marketing strategy.  Inbound marketing simply means selling to people who are looking for your product or service.

And a crafting business blog is a key piece of that puzzle.  If you want customers to find you and engage with you, a blog is critical.  Here are 6 reasons your craft business needs a blog.

1.  A Blog Gets Your Craft Business Found
In order for you to market your crafts to people other than your own friends and family, you need to be found by customers looking for your types of crafts.  In today’s day an age, that means being online.  If you have an Etsy or other online store, you already know this.

But did you know that blogging is the fastest way to increase the number of customer who find your site?  That is because of something called search engine optimization, which is simply a fancy way of saying you want your craft business to show up when people are searching.

2.  Craft Business Blogs Get More Links
One of the key factors to getting your site found in the search engines is the number of links pointing to it.  This is because the search engines, like Google, consider links to be a vote of trust.  Also, links from other websites help you drive traffic from those sites to yours.

Blogs are proven to get more links than sites that do not have a blog.  People are not likely to link directly to one of your products.  They are however likely to link to blog content, such as tutorials or general industry information which is valuable to that sites readers.

3.  Blogs Get More Traffic
Studies show that companies that blog get 55% more traffic than companies who do not blog.  This is going to apply to your craft business.  How many more sales would 55% more visitors to your site capture for your craft company?

4.  A Craft Blog Will Turn You Into the Authority
In order to be successful in any business, you need to be trusted and you need to be liked.  This is especially true of your craft business.  If potential customers see you as the expert in whatever craft you are selling, they are going to be much more per-conditioned to buy from you.  Being seen as an authority also means more customers are going to want to engage with you, and engaged customers purchase more often.

5.  Businesses with a Craft Blog Get More Social Media Followers
Do you have a Facebook page or a Twitter profile?  Or, maybe you are big into Pinterest since it is a visual social media platform very suitable to crafts.  Well, craft businesses, who blog, see a huge increase in the number of social media followers for their business.  This is because craft blogging gives you the opportunity to share information, not just pitch your products.  Who would you rather be a friend with, someone who is giving you valuable information, or someone who is just trying to sell you products all the time?

6.  Craft Businesses That Blog Get More Customers
This is what it all comes down to.  It has been proven that the more often a company blogs, the more customers they obtain.  Statistics have shown that 100% of companies who blog multiple times a day have acquired a new customer though their blog.  These statistics drop if you blog less often.  For example, of companies who blog 2 -3 times a week., only 69% have gotten new customers though their blog.  But 38% of companies who only blog once per month have acquired a new customer through their blog, so even if you can’t do it every day, craft blogs have proven to be valuable.

I could give many more reasons that a craft business blog is critical.  It helps your company to be found, increases your traffic and makes you the authority in your niche.  It also increases the opportunities you have to interact with your potential customers, both on your blog and in social networks.

Starting a blog is fun, easy and you can get started for free.  You could have your new craft business blog up and running as soon as tonight.  So what is stopping you?  You can download a free getting started power blogging for small business guide here.

In the future, having a craft blog for your craft business is going to be even more important.  Isn't it time you started treating your craft business like a business.  Start your craft blog today.

Download our FREE blogging for small business business guide here.  Or, if you are ready to take the next step in your business contact us for a free craft business marketing evaluation.

Hi Guys, Jinky here again, I wrote a step by step tutorial on how to create a blogger blog, and it can be found on my site, here.


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