Sunday, September 25, 2011

Exploding Cupcake Purse - Day 5

Are You Ready to Become the Talk of All Your Friends with the Most Unique Set of Gifts They have Ever Seen?

Welcome to Day 5 of the 12 Days of Christmas Handmade Crafts

Exploding Cupcake Purse - Closed
Ribbon Used : May Arts
So, I have been thinking what could I do for the Day 5 project in my 12 Days of Christmas Handmade Crafts E-Book. And I kept on coming back to this Exploding Cupcake Purse. I know I made something like this in the past, and I promised a tutorial. So here it is.  I decided to include it now in the 2nd Edition of my 12 Days of Christmas E-Book. 

Exploding Cupcake Purse - Open

With the magnificently Exploding Cupcake Purse, you are able to turn your party extraordinary. This specially embellished Exploding Cupcake Purse will hold your cupcake in place and will allow you to give away your baked goods in style. If you are like me who like to personalized everything when you host a party, this project is perfect for you. Having something like this DIY Cupcake packaging will give a personal touch to your giveaways. And you can be sure your guests will be very thankful for the wonderful gifts they received.

The  Exploding Cupcake Purse template is very versatile, I used the same template in making these invitations for a Quinceañera/15 Años/15th Birthday client in New York.

The step-by-step tutorial for this Unique Holiday Gift Packaging will be available on the 12th Day of Christmas. This will be included in the 2nd Edition of the 12 Days of Handmade Christmas Crafts E-Book. You can find the first edition here: 12 Days of Handmade Christmas Crafts E-Book

But wait! If you are like me and you can not wait sometimes, the separate tutorial for just this project is now available for purchase at my Etsy Shop. If you just want to buy just this one tutorial, you have that option now but be aware that this will be included on the 12 Days of Christmas 2nd Edition and that you won't be refunded if you decide to buy the E-book later on.

Thanks a lot for stopping by. Please stay tuned for more Holiday projects to come. 



I am soooo happy about this tutorial. I can't wait for the e-book. Love this so much. If I could I'd do a back flip... happy happy happy


beautiful! I want one!
I will make one, I hope I look good, visit my blog:

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