Monday, February 20, 2012

DIY Box Wedding Invitations

Happy President's Day for all my US followers and Happy Family Day to all my  Canadian friends and followers  from the East Coast.

Today, I would like to share with you a DIY Box Wedding Invitations I made for MayArts Stampendous blog week.

Silk Boxes are one of the newest trends for Soon to be Wed Couples to send there Wedding Invitations. But Silk Boxes are expensive to buy.  So why not try a cheaper paper box to pack your wedding invites. Here's a cheaper version of the Wedding Box Invitation.

I was inspired by the  Fire & Ice  Engagement Party Invitation of Miss Emily Thorne on the TV show Revenge. Do any of you watch that show? Well, it is a show on TV that is aired every Wednesday on ABC.  Miss Emily Thorne, the lead character was engaged to an all-American boy of privilege from the the Hamptons- Daniel Grayson.  I tried to find an actual photo of the Engagement Party Invitation online but no luck.  If you guys find it, please let me know. 

The How To of my DIY Wedding Box Invitation:

  • Emboss it with red embossing powder and then ink it with "Fired Ink"  distress ink. Cut outline.
  • Color the center with yellow markers and add red self adhesive rhinestones. 
  • Print the invitation wordings, then stamp a Swirl and heat emboss using the Stampendous Aged Green Embossing Enamel. Add some green  self adhesive rhinestones. 
  • Add a red Satin Pleats MayArts ribbons on the card and the black Satin Pleats in the sides of my box. 

  • Add foam dots at the back of  the cut-out flower and layer it on top of the embossed swirl to create a 3D effect. 
  • Add another layer of red cardstock. 
  • Create a band for the box using  Stampendous border, add a red Satin Pleats  MayArts Ribbon
  • Add some feathers and flower for accent. Done. 

I love how it turned out. I think the big Stampendous Floral Stamps + the May Arts ribbon gives a great impact on this project.

Fire & Ice Inspired Wedding Card

Fire & Ice Inspired Wedding Box Invitation

Thanks for stopping. I hope I inspired you today. - Jinky


Kimberly Jones

LOVE this tutorial Jinky! I watch Revenge too! Great take on the fire and ice theme!


I love the home made invitations and you can create custom invitations by using your wedding colors! So pretty.


Beautiful. Love te black and red!! Wonderful stamp.Thank you forthe tutorial and where to buy the Zinnia stamp. Awesome job. Kathy

Ruby Craft

Lovely invitation. My daughter and I watch revenge too. (don't worry, she's an adult) I was able to find a picture of the invitation for you:
Loved your post and your invitation.

Wedding Invitation

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